HowTo - Correct Use Of Personal Protective Equipment

HowTo - Correct Use Of Personal Protective Equipment

#HowTo demonstrates how to use uvex products correctly. Watch the detailed instructional videos and download our HowTo documents for a safe use of PPE and protecting the health of your employees. 


Safety Glasses - HowTo

How to clean your safety glasses?

Safety eyewear should be cleaned with extra care in order to prevent any kind of damage to its lenses. The number one reason for scratched lenses is improper lens cleaning and the second improper storage.

Download uvex cleaning poster

HowTo Cleaning glasses

How to pick the best safety glasses for your head size?

One size does not fit all! There's a lot that goes into selecting the best and perfect fitting safety eyewear.

Download goggle fitting guide


Safety Gloves - HowTo

How to read a glove rating?

In our "Glove Standards Explained" video we explain the updated standard EN388:2016 and what is included in the tests.

How to put on and take off chemical protective gloves?

Protective gloves only provide protection if they are used correctly. In this video you will learn how to put on and take off chemical protective gloves correctly.


Hearing Protection - HowTo

How to fit uvex earplugs?

If earplugs, whether they be reusable or disposable, are not inserted correctly they will not block the level of noise that they are intended to do.

How to fit earplugs


 How to find the right hearing protection?

Which hearing protection should I choose for which kind of work? The video tries to answer this question of safety. Choosing the wrong size of your earplugs reduces the protection value. Check out our range of UVEX hearing protection here.

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