uvex x-flow work boots

uvex x-flow work boots

Over two-thirds of Australian workers wear work boots or safety footwear that is one-two sizes too big to get the required footwear width. Wearing footwear that is too long creates a number of hazards including increasing trip risks, increased blister risks and reduced protection from toecap. It also results in a misalignment of the key flex point of the foot and the footwear impairing waking efficiency and increasing workers leg fatigue.

uvex 3 x-flow zip now has an expanded range of extra wide fittings to ensure workers can get the best fit for both length and width. In addition to the standard fitting across the full-size range the uvex 3 x-flow zip is also available in extra wide fittings widths extending from EU 41/UK 7 – EU 48/UK 13.

How to find your correct size?

1. uvex multiple fit system

To ensure the best fit workers should measure the length and circumference of each foot at the end of the day wearing their typical work socks. Foot measurements can be done with a tape measure and the longest and widest foot compared to the corresponding uvex multiple fit size table.


2. uvex fit advisory app


The uvex fit advisor fitting app uses three calibrated images of the foot to recommend correct work boot size and width. Additionally, the uvex fit advisor app uses advanced scientific algorithm to recommend a uvex tuneup 2.0 insole specific to the workers foot type to customise the fit.


uvex x-flow range technologies

The uvex x-flow range is developed for Australian and New Zealand workers, uvex applied a comprehensive four-layer research process to understand workers and the unique physical and environmental stresses they face. Outstanding scientific innovation and design is what sets uvex apart. The technologies that set uvex x-flow work boots apart are:

  • uvex bionom x uses biomechanics in design to harmonise the interaction of footwear with the ground and the body so that it performs as one system.
  • Designed to minimise workers fatigue uvex i-PURE nrj cushioning system absorbs impact energy during loading and maximises energy return during propulsion.
  • uvex clima zone is an innovative climate control system that has been developed to optimise breathability and internal airflow within the footwear to help keep workers cool.
  • uvex multiple fit system offers multiple widths in the same length in core sizes. Learn more about our technologies.


Watch the uvex x-flow in action


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