What tint is best for your safety glasses?

What tint is best for your safety glasses?

The Royal Victorian eye and ear hospital has seen a 41% increase in eye traumas in males sustained in the workplace over the last 5 years and likely indicates a lack of awareness and/or adherence to eye safety procedures*.

If you or your employees experience eye strain, discomfort, fatigue and headaches while working with the safety glasses on, it might be due to the wrong lens tint of the glasses. Having the right lens tint reduces these issues resulting in fewer instances of workers removing their safety glasses from their face, thereby keeping their eyes safer.

The type of tint required depends upon the work environment and type of tasks. uvex safety offers lens tinting solutions for every light environment to ensure workers safety, health, productivity, and comfort.

What Tint is Best for Your Safety Glasses?

Sunlight, glare, dim interiors, blue light – all kinds of lighting in the workplace brings its own set of challenges. The right lens tint is essential for the workers safety, health, productivity and comfort.

When the worker is wearing the right lens tint, not only will this help protect the eyes from the hazards of the job at hand, it will also help lessen eye strain, fatigue and headaches. This can result in fewer instances of workers removing their safety glasses from their face due to discomfort, thereby keeping them safer.

uvex offer lens tinting solutions for every light environment. From clear lens to grey lens to protect the workers' eyes from the harsh Australian sun. If you’re unsure of which safety eyewear tint may be right for you our digital lens tinting advisor helps you find the perfect tinting for your application.


A clear lens provides good vision for general, indoor applications where medium impact protection is essential. It also has the highest VLT 80% +, making it the most common for indoor use.


uvex amber tint provides high visibility and greater contrast in different light situations. Amber lenses are typically used in poorly lit working environments including night-time and early morning outdoor applications.


If you work in any outdoor environment with prolonged sun exposure, whether bright or partially sunny, grey tint blocks natural glare and sun glare so that you’re not putting constant strain on your eyes.


Reflected light affects countless workers by causing increased glare and reducing visibility. Glare typically happens when waves of light bounce off reflective surfaces. Because the surface is horizontal, the light is reflected horizontally. When you are wearing polarized safety eyewear, the surface blocks the glare by filtering out the horizontal light waves. By removing or reducing glare, polarised lenses improve visual perception, enhance clarity and colour definition. This leads to less eye strain. Polarized lenses are ideal in environments where surfaces reflect bright sunlight, such as water, large metal containers, big sheets of glass.


CBR65 and CBR75 are ideal for people working indoors under harsh light conditions, such as strong LED lighting, neon, or very bright environments; for those in changing light environments, either indoor or outdoor; and for those that require high levels of concentration or undertake close inspection work. *Please refer to your risk assessment 

How to find the right tint lens for your safety eyewear?

When selecting safety eyewear there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

To choose the right tint for the workers it is important to understand the work environment and type of tasks of the workers. To help, consider having an audit conducted of your workers’ safety eyewear needs.

Pay close attention to:

  • All positions and tasks requiring safety eyewear
  • Light sources found in the different work places
  • Risk to workers’ eyes

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