HexArmor Glove Size Guide

Industrial gloves fit differently than most gloves because of the materials used to provide protection. We recommend using our size chart (below) and reviewing glove descriptions and materials. Please note that this chart should be used only as a general guideline, as different styles of gloves will measure slightly different.

Two Ways to Measure

Measure Your Hand (Recommended)

For palm width, measure the width across your palm where your hand naturally bends. For hand height (seamless gloves only), measure from the tip of your middle finder to where the cuff will end on your forearm. Compare this measurement to the chart below to determine your glove size. For seamless gloves, the stiching color on the glove cuff corresponds to the matching size color in the chart.

HexArmor - Glove Size Guide

Or, click here to print HexArmor Glove Chart

Print the glove chart at 100% size to assist with accurate measurement. Reducing or enlarging the printout will result in inaccurate measurements. Place your right hand on the glove chart so that the saddle of your thumb and index finger line up with the X. The measurement closest to the right edge of your hand will be the appropriate glove size.

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