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Mechanix Azimuth Fire Retardant FR Flight Gloves

Mechanix Azimuth Fire Retardant FR Flight Gloves

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The Mechanix Azimuth Fire Retardant FR Flight Gloves takes aim to protect military and SWAT team members with critical flame resistance during hard-charging operations. The glove is constructed with FR Nomex and FR goatskin leather to protect operators exposed to heat and fire in the field. The Azimuth features an extended gauntlet cuff constructed with Nomex to extend flame-resistance beyond the wrist. The back of the hand is protected by EVA foam padding to absorb impact and protect against abrasion. The Mechanix Azimuth tactical glove maintains connectivity in the field with touchscreen capable goatskin leather technology.

Features and Specs of Mechanix Azimuth Fire Retardant FR Flight Gloves

  • Low-profile closure creates a secure fit to your wrist.
  • EVA foam padded knuckle guard reduces impact and abrasion.
  • Flame-resistant Nomex® back of hand protection.
  • Nomex® gauntlet cuff extends flame resistance beyond your wrist.
  • Kevlar® thread construction improves structural integrity.
  • Flame-resistant goatskin leather palm infused with touchscreen technology.
  • Removable trigger finger seams eliminate material fray.
  • Nylon carrier loops for storage.
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