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MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask Full-Face Respirator for CBRN Defense

MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask Full-Face Respirator for CBRN Defense

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The Future of Gas Masks has arrived!

That’s because the MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Tactical Gas Mask Full-Face Respirator does something NO other gas mask has done before:

By providing reliable protection from a full range of CBRN threats, with all the cutting-edge features and innovations you could hope for, at a budget-friendly price that almost anyone can afford, the CM-6M is the ultimate gas mask solution

It’s all about being flexible to respond to any situation that might arise … 

That’s why the CM-6M combines dual 40 mm filter ports with bromobutyl rubber construction and an ultra-wide visor with a hypoallergenic mask that prevents fogging.

Make no mistake; the CM-6M is the culmination of decades of research and development. 

Trusted by military units and police forces worldwide, it’s proven to offer nearly 30 hours of protection against continuous mustard gas exposure, and will also keep you safe from wildfire smoke, tear gas, paint fumes, and a variety of other irritants.

It’s also compatible with MIRA Safety’s entire range of gas mask filters, from our NBC-77 SOF CBRN filters (with a 20-year shelf life) to ParticleMax P3 filters that are designed to stop viral threats like COVID-19.

Key Features of the CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask:

  • 20-year shelf life
  • Compatible with the 3M Safety 6878 Spectacle Kit (sold separately)
  • Uses widely available NATO-standard, 40-mm filter cartridges
  • Trusted by police worldwide and government entities in the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Latvia and Lebanon
  • Durable bromobutyl rubber construction (meets CBRN protection standards)
  • Full-face panoramic design with a large visor to enable a wide-angle view
  • Hypoallergenic inner mask prevents fogging, even under hard use 
  • Tested resistance to mustard gas penetration for nearly 30 hours
  • Helmet-compatible
  • Fits up to 2 standard 40-mm 1/7” NATO filter cartridges (widely available with varying protection levels)
  • Comes with a pre-installed hydration system and canteen
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders with a Type A or M adapter (not included)
  • Used for industrial, agricultural, law enforcement, professional rescue, specialized welding, construction and painting applications
  • Conforms to European quality and sustainability standards, marked with the CE symbol
  • Meets all requirements under EN 136:1998, Class III
  • Complies with all standards under EN 168 for impact protection, making this the perfect mask for riot control situations 
  • Carries MIRA Safety’s special 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Manufactured in the Czech Republic

    Technical Specifications

    The CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask has a facepiece of tough bromobutyl rubber (CBRN-compliant) for maximum resistance to TIC/CWA contaminants. The full-face respirator’s inner mask is made from a special hypoallergenic compound that ensures excellent tightness and avoids exhaled air contact with the visor to prevent fogging. It also reduces carbon dioxide(CO2) content in the mask’s inner space, which together with its favorable inhalation/exhalation breathing resistance, decreases the physiological burden for the user—providing more comfortable and practical all-day use.

    The integrated speech diaphragm ensures at least 95% intelligibility of speech, allowing for easy communication with other members of your party. The mask is equipped with a five-point rubber-textile head harness to ensure a snug and lasting fit.

    The CM-6M CBRN gas mask is produced in one size. To ensure proper functioning, the user’s face must be smooth, free of facial hair, sideburns and other hindrances at the points of contact.

    The tactical gas mask is compatible with the 3M Safety 6878 Spectacle Kit (sold separately), with simple installation for those who are vision impaired and prefer not to wear contacts. 

    The filter is fitted to the mask by screwing to the left or right inhalation chamber. The unused chamber (without filter) is sealed with an inhalation chamber plug. It is necessary to ensure the plug is properly screwed and tightened. 

    Inhalation chambers of the CM-6 mask are ONLY compatible with Rd 40 x 1/7” thread in accordance with the EN 148-1 standard.

    Selection of a suitable filter depends on the type and concentration of anticipated toxic agent. The CM-6 tactical mask equipped with a TIC or CWA filter is only safe for use in an environment containing at least 19.5% oxygen. The principles of filter selection and application are described in the filter user guides.

    The CM-6 tactical gas mask may be used in class 1 explosive environments only. The CM-6 mask meets all of the requirements for class 3 of the EN 136 standard. It’s a great choice for riot gear or as a riot control gas mask.

    Technical Data

    • 560g
    • : 1 size
    • Effective field of vision: 77.6%
    • Overlapped field of vision: 83.8%
    • 95%
    • bromine-butyl rubber
    • polycarbonate
    • Rd 40 x 1/7"

    Breathing resistance at 30l/min. air flow:

    • max. 30 Pa
    • max. 60 Pa


    The CM-6 tactical gas mask must be stored in a dark, cool and dust-free place free from sudden temperature changes. The storage room should be ventilated regularly. Temperatures may vary between 10°C and 25°C within relative humidity up to 65%. Full face gas masks must not be exposed to radiant heat or sunshine. Fuels, solvents, lubricants and other inflammable substances, including chemicals, must not be stored with masks. Moreover, there must not be any electrical machines or appliances that produce sparks or discharges during operation (ozone creation).

    Avoid deformation of the rubber parts of the facepiece and internal CBRN gas mask during storage.

    Questions and Answers

    Q: I purchased the 3M 6878 Spectacle Kit for the CM-6M gas mask. I am wondering how you attach the frame holder into the mask. I get a general idea from the pics on your website, But I can't see how the top "L" bent piece sits in the mask. It looks like there is some type of mounting block inside the mask itself. Any help would be awesome!

    A:  The "L" piece goes underneath the rubber block, and it is held in place by the pressure that this knob puts on the metal bracket. The bottom of the spectacle kit lodges itself right above the oro-nasal cup.

    Q: Is it possible to shoot weapons when wearing your CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask, or is this only possible with the 7M Mask because of the design?

    A:  Considering the design of the visor on the CM-6M, it will be more difficult to get a good cheek weld (pressing your cheek on the stock to get a sight picture). If the sight is raised, thus requiring less of a weld, it would work better with the CM-6M. We do not recommend using magnified optics with the CM-6M as it would be harder to get eye relief (distance from the last surface of an eyepiece within which the user's eye can obtain the full viewing angle). The CM-6M and CM-7M are really different tools for different jobs. The CM-7M is superior for tactical applications, and the CM-6M is superior for everything else.

    Q: Do the mask and NBC-77 SOF filters that you can buy in the bundle both have a 20-year shelf life?

    A:  Yes, they do.

    Q: If you use it for Coronavirus, which model do you suggest? Do you need to change the filter each time if you go out with possible affected patients around?

    A:  All the masks on our website, so long as they are used per best practices and form a tight seal, would protect your breathing passages and eyes from viral threats. A filter cannot be regenerated in any way, and once used, it is considered toxic waste and must be disposed of. So to answer your question, yes, you would have to change the filter each time if it's exposed to a viral agent.

    Q: Do the CM-6M and CM-7M gas masks offer the same level of protection?

    A:  Yes, they do. The difference is in design, not the level of protection. Both are made from bromobutyl rubber that is resistant to CBRN agents, and both also have a speech diaphragm, drinking system, and come with a canteen.

    Q: How would you know if a gas mask fits your face?

    A:  You would have to perform a negative pressure test. To do this, you would put the mask on your face, take a deep breath out, cover the inhalation valve (make sure the opposite side has the 40mm cap in place), and take a deep breath. If the mask sucks tight to your face without leaking air, you know that this mask fits.

    Q: How long will a NBC-77 SOF filter protect in non-contaminated air against viruses?

    A:  As viruses travel in particles and liquid aerosols, this filter will protect you for as long as you can wear the mask (several days). Keep in mind; if you are in a contaminated environment, you would need to decontaminate properly before removing your protective gear, and then dispose of the filter as there is no way to regenerate it. Once the filter is used in a contaminated environment, it is considered toxic waste.

    Q: How long does a filter last once it's opened?

    A:  Filter use time depends on a few factors, including atmospheric conditions, contaminant type, concentration, along with your breathing rate. As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest having two filters per person per day for emergency evacuation purposes. If you'd like specific data on use time, you can look at the brochure that goes into breakthrough times along with the application.

    Q: Can this mask be attached to an oxygen tank?

    A:  No, it cannot. the oxygen tank you're referring to is called a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), and requires a different connection port. This mask is, however, compatible with a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). This is a device that blows continuous filtered air into your gas mask through positive pressure and lowers breathing resistance.

    Q: I have a narrow face. Are there different sizes available for the CM-6M gas mask?

    A:  The CM-6M comes in one universal size that fits 95% of the adult population. For narrower faces, we recommend the CM-7M mask is size 1 (small). For small teenagers, we recommend the large size CM-2M.

    Q: Would that mask work fine with a short (1.5 cm) face-beard?

    A:  No, it will not. When you wear any gas mask, you should be clean-shaven. If you have a little stubble, you could try to use vaseline to get a better seal, but it is NOT guaranteed to function as intended. We suggest keeping a shaver in your kit to use in case you need to deploy the mask quickly.

    Q: What is the benefit of using two filters at the same time?

    A:  Two filters would lower the breathing resistance, at the expense of added weight. We suggest using one filter at a time for most purposes.

    Q: Does the CM-6M gas mask need two filters to function?

    A:  No, it does not. You can use one filter, or two filters at the same time. With one filter, the opposite side would be plugged.

    Q: What is the best method to decontaminate the CM-6M, CM-7M gas masks and hazard suit? What product(s) would you recommend?

    A:  Decontamination would depend on the agent you're decontaminating against. For viral threats, we would suggest Allegro 5003-U. As there are many variables to decontamination procedure, we would suggest seeking training before attempting to do it yourself.

    Q: For non-CBRN scenarios, can this be used in combination with an adaptor to make use of filters commonly available at hardware stores? For example, using the 3M 701 adapter with lower grade filters when performing less hazardous activities such as woodworking or painting.

    A:  You could, but we do not suggest this as adapters are an extra point of possible failure. We have several canisters available, each for different threat levels. If you're looking for a woodworking filter, we have the ParticleMax P3 available, which will protect form particles.

    Q: Where do I buy the spectacle kit for the CM-6M mask? How much is this kit? I also would like to check into the adapter for the drinking systems.

    A:  You can purchase the 3M Safety 6878 Spectacle Kit on Amazon along with safety stores, with a typical MSRP of around 100USD. For the drinking system CamelBak adapters, we would suggest the CamelBak Chem-Bio Reservoir 4.0, as it comes with both the Type A and Type M adapters and engineered for use in CBRN environments.

    Q: Can the mask withstand any hard hits or projectiles or objects, like bean bag ,rubber balls metal balls rock or bad at low or high speed like the sage 400.

    A:  Yes, it will. This mask was tested in accordance to European standard EN 168 for impact protection. Along with that, we have done tests outside of a controlled environment where we tried breaking the visor with repeated hits from a Maglite flashlight baton. The CM-6M withstood all impacts with minor scuffing.

    Q: I have an IMPORTANT question. I am wondering, is there any chance the mask filters will be infected with Coronavirus due to handling them upon arrival? Or am I 100% safe? It's wearing on my mind since this thing survives on surfaces for a long time.

    A:  We can confirm that at this time, no one at MIRA Safety is suspected of having the COVID-19 virus. Each mask is sealed in a bag in the EU and then is transported to the US. From the time it is sealed to the time it makes its way to your door, more than 10 days go by. If you're looking for extra reassurance, I would suggest quarantining all products you purchase for a few days before handling them.

    Q: I understand that orders have been delayed because of the coronavirus but is it the same delay to individuals who purchased priority shipping?

    A:  Yes, it is the same delay no matter your shipping method. If you choose priority, we will ship via priority once your order comes up in the queue.

    Q: Why is the CM-6M mask not NIOSH CBRN certified?

    A:  Because the CM-6M was only introduced to the US market 1.5 years ago, and the initial launch is geared towards regular citizens and federal employees, which do not require NIOSH to use this product. We are planning on going through NIOSH sometime in 2020. Please note, the CM-6M is certified under EN 136:1998 CL 3, which is the European equivalent of NIOSH.

    Q: Do the filters come in sealed packages?

    A:  Yes, the NBC-77 SOF filters that you can purchase as an add-on to the CM-6M mask come in a vacuum-sealed pouch.

    Q: Are these mask compatible for use with continuous air?

    A:  If you mean with a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system, which is a blower, yes it is compatible. They are not compatible with SCBA systems.

    Q: Can the CM-6M be stored in its original packaging? Or does it need to be removed from the original packaging for storage; so that it does not deform the rubber?

    A:  The CM-6M can be stored in original packaging without issue.

    Q: What is included in the kit?

    A:  The CM-6M comes with a canteen by default. You also have the option to add two NBC-77 SOF filters for a discounted price via the drop-down by the add to cart button.

    Q: I have a small beard . Half inch at the longest . Is this a problem?

    A:  Yes, this is a problem as it would be very difficult to create a tight seal with the mask. I would suggest you do a clean shave for the purposes of safety.

    Q: Do any of your mask fit over eyeglasses?

    A:  The CM-6M is compatible with the 3M 6878 spectacle insert, but none of our masks are compatible with standard glasses.

    Q: If I buy the NBC-77 SOF filter cartridges bundled with this mask, do they come pre-attached to the mask or are they capped or sealed separately for later attachment?

    A:  They come capped and sealed, not pre-attached. Filters should remain sealed until they are ready for use.

    Q: I understand your NBC-77 SOF filters are top of the line filters and filter out most contaminants...but do they also filter the same particles as the PARTICLEMAX P3 VIRUS FILTER?

    A:  Yes, they do, as the NBC-77 SOF and ParticleMax P3 share the same exact particle filter.

    Q: Do you have plans to start offering PAPRs, that are compatible with your gas masks naturally? And if so when and what price tag may we expect?

    A:  Yes, we do, likely middle of 2020. As for price, we do not have those details available yet.

    Q: Can you wear glasses with the mask on? Would that compromise the mask's ability?

    A:  Standard glasses cannot be worn with a gas mask as it will break the seal. The good news is, there is an aftermarket spectacle insert that is compatible with the CM-6M, and that is the 3M Safety of 6878 Spectacle Kit. We do not sell it on our website, but it can easily be found in other shops across the web.

    Q: If the filter was exposed to the Coronavirus, would you have to replace it immediately?

    A:  Not immediately. But you would have to decontaminate your equipment before it's removed, and then the filter should be disposed of as it's considered toxic waste after coming in contact with any agents. As mentioned in a previous Q&A, you can use the filter for as long as you can wear the mask.

    Q: What are the major differences between the CM-6M and CM-7M gas masks?

    A:  The CM-7M is specially designed for use with optics and operating a rifle. Features include a dual recessed visor system for eye relief, along with a contour above the inhalation valve for a closer cheek weld. These features come at the expense of a wide field of view, and this is where the CM-6M shines. Think of the CM-7M and CM-6M as different tools for different jobs.

    Q: Does this come with the filter or must that be bought separately?

    A:  Filters are sold separately. However, when you add filters via the dropdown on this product page (located right by the add to cart button), the price of each NBC-77 SOF filter is lower than retail.

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