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Uvex Safety

UVEX Duoflex Welding Safety Glasses

UVEX Duoflex Welding Safety Glasses

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uvex duoflex – the modern classic

Timeless yet modern. Comfortable yet safe. uvex futura represents the past, present and future in a unique pair of safety glasses.

General Features

  • Welding protection level: 5 (grey PC lens)
  • Classic design, large field of vision
  • The uvex infradur coating makes both sides scratch-resistant and protects against sparks
  • Combined UV and IR protection
  • Perfect colour recognition
  • Frame in black, green

Protection features

  • Certified according to EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 169 (welding)
  • Welding protection level: 5
  • Marking: W 166 F CE – 5 W 1 FTK CE
  • Reliable UV 400 and IR protection
  • Reliable protection provided by its customised fit: multi-level side arm lengths allow the wearer to adjust the glasses to suit their own face shape

Comfort features

  • Extremely scratch-resistant on both sides, minimising burns due to welding sparks (uvex infradur)
  • Soft Duo-Flex ear pieces


Since AS/NZS 1337.1 (Australia & New Zealand Standard) does not recognise shade 4 & 5 in wide vision glasses (clause 5.2.3). However, the product (9169-045,) do comply with the performance requirements of this standard except for this clause. Due to market demand for these products and we are unable to claim full compliance with AS/NZS1337.1, these models are released with our European standard certification to EN 166 – Personal eye-protection – specifications.


    Attribute Value
    Product type Spectacles, Welding protection glasses
    Product family uvex duoflex
    Lens material polycarbonate (PC)
    Coating uvex infradur
    Lens properties resistant to welding sparks, scratch resistant
    Lens tinting welding protection, grey
    Standards EN 166, EN 169
    Marking XI W+S – 5 W1 FTKN DIN CE
    UV protection UV protection 400
    Colour Green, Black
    Technologies special coatings
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