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Uvex Safety

UVEX Plug Dispenser Blue Base Clear Jar

UVEX Plug Dispenser Blue Base Clear Jar

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uvex hearing protection accessories: dispenser "one 2 click"

Easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted dispenser. Easy installation and a controlled release mechanism which ensures the correct number of plugs are dispensed. The audible "one 2 click" system prevents over supply.

General features

  • easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted dispenser
  • with a "click" the plug is in the hand
  • transparent design makes it easy to monitor the number of earplugs remaining
  • collecting tray catches the earplugs


Attribute Value
Product type Accessories
Version dispenser for 600 pairs
Product system Construction
Colour grey, Sky blue, Clear
Segment Road Building, Asphalt Work, electrical installation, Plastering / Concrete, Plumbing / Heating / Air-Conditioning, Driving Machinery / Machine Operator, Bridge / Tunnel / Elevated Highway Construction, Metal Works
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